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    Subject-Wise Important Chapters for JEE Main

    JEE Main is considered to be the most competitive exam for engineering. The exam will be held twice; once in January then in April. JEE Main result for January session will be declared by NTA (National Testing Agency) on January 31. For the April session, JEE Main result will be announced on April 30. The JEE Main result will be made available online and the hard copies of result won’t be dispatched to the candidates.

    JEE Main is considered as the tough exam so candidates need to prepare in a smarter way rather than the harder way so as to score the maximum and get good JEE Main Result. Thus, students must focus on the important chapters from the beginning of their preparation.

    CBSE doesn’t allocate any weightage to any chapters. The list of important chapters from the different subject is prepared on the basis of previous years JEE Main Papers. The list is prepared by the experts who have analysed the important chapters from all the subjects’ i.e. the chapters from which mostly questions are asked.

    Important Chapters for JEE Main

    PHYSICS – Important Chapters

    The chapters which must be studied thoroughly for JEE Main are given below-

    • Dimensional analysis
    • Gravitation
    • Electrostatics
    • Heat Transfer
    • Current Electricity
    • Waves and Sound
    • Geometrical optics
    • Electromagnetic Induction
    • Thermodynamics
    • Rotational Dynamics
    • Kinetic Theory of Gases

    3 Basic Topics: Units and Dimensions, Measurement of Errors, Vectors

    At least one question is asked from: Kinematics, Friction, and Newton’s Laws of Motion

    Easy to Score: Electrostatics, Work, Energy and Power, Current Electricity, Ray Optics, Wave Optics

    Most Important to Practice

    • Centre of Mass. Momentum and Collision
    • Simple Harmonic Motion
    • Rotational Dynamics
    • Bernoulli’s Principle
    • Fluid Mechanics
    • Wave Motion and String Waves
    • Magnetism
    • Nuclear Physics
    • Heat and Thermodynamics
    • Modern Physics

    MATHEMATICS – Important Chapters

    In Mathematics, there is an equal distribution and almost one question is asked from each chapter. It will be wise for students to study the entire chapters thoroughly. Mathematics requires daily practice to be quick and precise.

    At Least One Question is Asked from the Following

    • Inverse Trigonometric Functions
    • Sequence and Series
    • Circles and Family of Circles
    • 3-D Geometry
    • Portability and Statistics
    • Vector Algebra
    • Complex Numbers
    • Integration
    • Parabola
    • Trigonometric Rations

    Easy to Score

    • Applications of Derivative
    • Limit and Continuity
    • Matrices and Determinants
    • Straight Lines and a pair of Straight Lines

    Most Important to Practice

    • Coordinate Geometry
    • Continuity Differentiability. Limits
    • Complex no.
    • Integral Calculus
    • Quadratic Equations
    • Sequence and Series
    • Trigonometry
    • Logarithms
    • Quadratic Equations
    • Sets, Relations and functions
    • Differentiation
    • P&C
    • Binomial Theorem
    • Circles
    • Solution of Triangles

    CHEMISTRY – Important Chapters

    Chemistry is divided into three parts which are Organic, Inorganic, and Physical chemistry. Questions asked from chemistry are calculations based, analysis based, and inference based. The basic of chemistry needs to be clear to build a strong foundation which will further help candidates to solve all sort of questions asked from chemistry.

    Below are the topics that should be strongly prepared –

    • Chemical Bonding
    • Periodic Table
    • Carbonyl Compounds and their derivatives
    • Redox reactions
    • Mole concept
    • Concept of equivalents
    • Solid states, solutions and gases theory
    • Thermochemistry and the Second Law of Thermodynamics

    Easy to score

    • Mole concept
    • Co-ordination Chemistry
    • Alcohol, Phenols and Ethers
    • p-Block elements

    Important Topics

    • Atomic Structure
    • Gaseous State
    • Hydrocarbons
    • Aldehydes and ketones
    • d & f Block Elements
    • General Organic Chemistry

    Very Important to Practice

    • Chemical Equilibrium
    • Ionic Equilibrium
    • Thermodynamics
    • Hydrogen and its Compounds
    • s-Block Elements
    • Isomerism of Organic Compounds
    • Environmental Chemistry
    • Solid State
    • Chemical Kinetics
    • Electrochemistry
    • Solutions
    • Qualitative Salt Analysis
    • Alkyl Halides and Aryl Halides
    • Carboxylic Acid and their derivatives
    • Amines
    • Biomolecules
    • Polymers
    • Metallurgy
    • Surface Chemistry
    • Chemistry in Everyday life

    JEE Main requires a lot of hard work, persistence and focus of the aspirants. The above-mentioned list is of the important topics and chapters from each subject. Candidates should start their preparation keeping in mind the importance of each topic. But overall, a thorough study of all the subjects is needed to crack the exam with the best scores.

    All the best to the aspirants!!

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